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To most families, a pet is a valued member of the family. We enjoy their company just as much as we do the human members, and if your pet is suffering from a health condition, it’s only natural to want to find a better solution to relieve their symptoms. LolaHemp CBD oil could be the perfect way to address their needs.

Available in three sizes to suit different sizes of pets, these high-quality tinctures are made only from industrial hemp and are proven in laboratory testing to contain absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or dangerous ingredients which could be harmful to your pet.

LolaHemp has veterinarians in their team and they have vet-approved clear dosing guides on every bottle of tincture, advising the frequency and number of drops to give your pet depending on their condition and body weight.

About LolaHemp CBD Oil for Pets

Son & Mother, Joey and Susan are the founders of LolaHemp. In 2015 they launched Lolawawa’s Pet Boutique, an e-commerce store for pets and pet lovers that donates a portion of profits to animal rescue efforts.

In 2018 they launched LolaHemp in response to customer’s growing demands for a supplement to help with pet ailments like arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and phobias. Joey & Susan oversee day-to-day operations, marketing the company’s philanthropic efforts.

Lola enjoys tanning, leading our philanthropic efforts and bossing around the team.

Lola is a 5-year-old rescue, model, diva and philanthropist. Her intense fear of thunder was part of the inspiration for developing LolaHemp. She is an active user of the product and is a strong advocate of the benefits of CBD hemp oil for pets.

LolaHemp donates 1 bottle for each four bottles bought to collaborating rescue organizations.

Safety for pets is a priority

All the ingredients used have been shown to be completely safe for pets and the dosage is designed with the smaller bodies of dogs in mind. Only hemp grown by organic practices is used to produce this high-quality product range, while the third-party tests show beyond any doubt that there are no pesticides or herbicides which could harm your pet.

With clear dosing information on every bottle, this CBD oil product is a great choice for anyone who has a dog that suffers from anxiety, phobias, chronic pain or skin allergies.

LolaHemp CBD oil for pets have their lab tests publicly displayed which can be seen here.

The tests were performed by Cannalysis labs, a testing company based in Southern California.

LolaHemp is an official partner of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. This program helps distribute free product to animal suffering from life threatening diseases, muscular and joint conditions, stress, aggression, anxiety, seizure, depression and loss of appetite.

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Love it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – “My Buddy is a 10 year old Pyranees/bouvier mix who had lost alot of his spunk. He began to show signs of hip & joint pain common in large breed dogs. My sweet & playful pup had become grumpy & lethargic for most of the day, even worse on rainy or cold days. After using CBD oil twice a day for nearly a month, he became more energetic & happy. He is no longer sleeping 23 hours a day, he has more energy & is significantly more happy. CBD has changed his life & I couldn’t be happier. My only negative about this company is the dosing. I give him more than the their recommended dosage ( but equal to other CBD products he has used previously). I really have no complaints other the dosing recommendation is a little low for our situation. I would recommend this product for anyone dealing with a pup with arthritis pain. I beleive it has really extended not only his quality of life but also his quantity.” – Tabitha & Buddy ? #lolahemp

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  • Ruth

    My 11 year old cat has been getting one drop of my CBD oil for 2 weeks now and she is no longer a cranky old lady. She zooms around like a kitten about an hour to two hours after her dose for about a half hour and sleeps soundly through the again.


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